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News Headlines

2 die in fire at vessel being repaired
fire began shortly before 11 am Saturday at Texas Barge & Boat Inc. and was put out about half an hour later. Police Sgt. Steve Epperley said the vessel was sitting on top of a dry-docked barge. One man was working inside when the fire began,

2 dead, 1 missing as boat collides with tanker off Cavite
The liability of the two
vessel’s captains, crew and owners would be determined in a Special Board of Marine Inquiry that would be set up, he said. Aside from establishing the cause of the collision, other questions that might be raised

Fishermen feared drowned as boat debris is spotted
Members of the men’s families, supported by their local communities, gathered at the RNLI
lifeboat station in Skerries from early morning. They embraced each other as parties left to continue the search at 7am around the bay of the popular city suburb.

River Mersey rescue for fishing boat after running aground
Michael Johnson, watch manager, said:“The fishing vessel was leaving Liverpool when she got into difficulty and broke down in the Crosby channel.” He said an RNLI
lifeboat from Hoylake was launched and New Brighton lifeboat was on standby.

All safe aboard boat that caught fire
fire was out by the time firefighters and lifeguards boarded the vessel, Show Boat, according to a news release from the Newport Beach Fire Department. Grease from one of the boat’s engines may have caught fire, the release said.

MV Haina Golden runs aground in Kandla Port channel
ship could not be refloated immediately as the tide had fallen. There have been nearly 30 shipping transits through the Port channel since the grounding, the release points out, adding that the grounded vessel will be refloated during the next

Turkey ship rescues Libya injured
One man lost part of his leg in an
explosion as he was taking his wife into hospital for treatment. A 13-year-old boy described how he was shot by a sniper. Mohammed Muftah, who had shrapnel wounds on his legs, back and neck, said Col Gaddafi’s troops

Inspection of Refloated Ship in Galway Bay Under Way
Marine surveyors are currently inspecting the German cargo
ship which was refloated yesterday in Galway Bay after running aground early on Thursday. The Irish Coast Guard confirmed to The Irish Times that no pollution had occurred in the grounding

Marina grounds vessel after Talisay sea collision |
Following Thursday’s sea
collision, the Maritime Industry Authority grounded MV General Romulo after it was found out during inspection that the vessel is

UK. Seafarers take part in project to look at fatigue in ships’ watchkeeping
The €3.78m project has captured the interest of the shipping industry as concern rises over incidents and accidents at sea that are increasingly attributed to
seafarer fatigue. A number of experienced seafarers are currently taking part in simulations

New Tongan ferry ensures no Ashika repeat
The Japanese-built and funded
vessel replaced the Ashika, which sank in August 2009, killing 74 people. Ttonga’s new interisland ferry is called the O

Service for North Sea crash victims
It crashed 14 miles from the Buchan coast, leading to the biggest loss of life in a helicopter
accident in the North Sea for 20 years. Also remembered at the service in the Church of St Nicholas was David Stephenson, a crewman on oil support vessel the

Louisiana feeder of Stingray gas line in force majeure
A dredge operator working near Cameron in the Calcasieu
Ship Channel, which serves Lake Charles, reported hitting the line late Wednesday, the Coast Guard said. There was no fire and no injuries, though some natural gas and some condensate were

LIFE-saving advice has been cast out to Grimsby fishermen as the UK Minister h
Representatives from the Royal National
Lifeboat Association and the Grimsby Fishermen’s Mission teamed up with local trawlermen to observe a safety demonstration at the dock-side Fish Market, where the message centred on the importance of wearing a

Transocean increases safety bonus pay
The Transocean Discoverer Enterprise drill
ship (with flare) collects oil June 13, 2010, near the site of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion.UPI/AJ Sisco.. NEW YORK, April 2 (UPI) — The company that lost nine employees in the Gulf of Mexico

Penguin rescue operation underway after south Atlantic oil spill
The agency said in a statement that it “is investigating the
grounding and subsequent complete hull failure” of the bulk carrier cargo ship. The dramatic rescue of the ship’s 22 crew members was captured on video, along with the spills’ aftermath,

Computer based learning for vessel defence


UNODC open Somaliland’s first prison in 50 years to further tackle piracy scourge
clearly a scourge both to maritime trade and travel and to local development.” These initiatives come on the back of a growing global concern which has seen the number of piracy incidents in the region increase at an alarming rate in recent years.

New Anti-Piracy Information Centre Inaugurated in Kenya
New anti-
piracy information centre was inaugurated today by the head of the United Nations maritime agency in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa. The information-sharing centre is designed to help fight the growing scourge of piracy in the

Caribbean ship testing new anti-piracy system | The Associated
Private security officers from the International
Maritime Security Network (IMSN ) stand on U.S. cargo vessel Horizon Producer, a 37-year-old steam-powered container ship, above defensive water sprayers during an anti-piracy security

Philippines deploys patrol vessels close to border seas
The SBU also provides operational support to PNP territorial police units, particularly in maritime law enforcement operations against domestic threats, piracy, terrorism, intrusion, smuggling, poaching, human trafficking and violations of

New marathon route as London abandons ship
the tea clipper sits, is in the middle of renovations following a fire four years ago. The boat has featured on the medal given to finishers of the event and deputy race director Hugh Brasher said: ‘It’s a shame not to be able to go round the ship.

Off The Radar

Slavery at sea exposed
Foreign charter vessels are chartered by New Zealand registered companies, in the case of the doomed Oyang 70, Southern Storm (2007) Ltd. On the morning the
ship sank, 45% of the shares were held by Seoul’s Oyang Corporation.

Titanic ‘maintenance guide’ out on sinking centenary
A maintenance guide to the doomed Southampton ocean liner Titanic has been released before the 100th anniversary of its
sinking. The ship, which has lain in two broken parts at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean since 1912, is the subject of a work by

Wharf blast triggers fireball
VESSEL: The charred shell of the container and car after yesterday morning’s explosion. A witness said there was a huge fireball. The chemical explosion of a quarantined car on Wellington’s wharf sent a fireball into the air and jolted people

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