Mar 202011

Controllable pitch poperllers: Too much of a twist in the tail?

Although little is yet known regarding the failure of the controllable pitch propeller of the general cargo ship Kholmogory, reported by Russia’s Maritime Bulletin, it is a reminder of the problems that can arise with this equipment, including a somewhat unnerving habit of suddenly running the ship astern.

According to Maritime Bulletin: “On March 17 at 2050 LT m/v Kholmogory suffered variable pitch propeller mechanism failure in 59 56N 025 44 E, in Finland MRCC safety zone. Vessel was enroute from S-Petersburg Russia to Norrköping Sweden. Icebreaker and tug from Finland were requested for assistance and towage to Swedish port. Russian icebreaker Kapitan Lus towed disabled vessel from ice to clear water, towage completed at 0235 March 19. Vessel drifting, awaiting tug from Finland”.

MAC has published a number of alerts and incidents on this kit and it’s important to be aware of what can happen:

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