Feb 252011

StopLoss the London P&I Club’s loss prevention publication is available now in both English and Mandarin. Both versions can be downloaded by clicking here.

Also, spoken versions of StopLoss, again in both English and Mandarin, will very shortly be available as podcasts on Shippingpodcasts.com

Listeners can subscribe to the podcasts via iTunes and can also receive notice of postings on Twitter by following http://twitter.com/jtweed
StopLoss 56 includes:

Page 1 – Liquefaction: latest developments

Following a number of total losses attributed to nickel ore liquefaction, Members are reminded of the benefits of close co-operation with the Club should carriage of this cargo be considered.

Pages 2 and 3 – Ship Inspection Programme

Discusses the enhancement of the Loss Prevention Team and some of the issues arising from the Ship Inspection Programme,

such as the importance of good communications on board, realistic fire-fighting drills and awareness snap-back zones in mooring stations.

Page 4 – STS operations

Looks at newly introduced amendments to MARPOL concerning STS operations.

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