Feb 032011

Suez Canal

Members of the Swedish Club have been advised: “The present situation in Egypt is not predictable due to communication disruptions. The Swedish Club monitors the situation and advise members to do the same.

“There is a nationwide curfew from 17:00 to 08:00 local time which can have a negative affect on port and Suez Canal operation.

“Selected port terminals are closed which mainly disrupt container and bulk operations while oil and gas terminals are operating normally. It has been reported that the only open port is Port Said where the military is present, but there are also reports that Damietta are operating but with disruptions. It is difficult to confirm this information.

“The Suez Canal remains open to traffic as the military control the operation of the canal. Pilots are given military protection to be able to carry out their duties and are exempted from the curfew.

“The above information is from several different sources”.

Swedish Club Advisory

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