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Studies of emergency preparedness and well integrity, design and construction were launched in Norway afte

Transocean's Deepwater Horizon - be prepared says the PSA

r a review of initial analyses and reports from the Deepwater Horizon incident. This work is being coordinated by the OLF at the request of the PSA.

The industry’s need to assess the validity of emergency response principles for halting a possible subsea blowout in Norway was stressed by the PSA on 15 June in a letter to the OLF.

In addition, the industry association was asked to evaluate existing strategies for limiting the volumes discharged from a blowout while it is under way.

That would also mean identifying possible improvements in the form of new practices, development of technology and/ or a revised understanding of preparedness requirements.

The PSA compared the 21 recommendations in the report on Deepwater Horizon published by US interior secretary Ken Salazar in late May with the minimum requirements in the Norwegian regulations. These proved to accord almost entirely with the US proposals.

However, the PSA resolved to initiate analyses of the following areas in Norway:

1. Well integrity, including:

  • organisational factors – educating, training and qualifying people with critical functions in planning and executing well operations
  • operational and technical management systems for well control
  • operational and maintenance requirements for blowout preventers (BOPs), including existing systems for certifying such equipment

2. Well design and construction
It was resolved to pursue part of the work under the two fi rst sub-items in the list above in cooperation with the Well Integrity Forum (WIF). This group was established at the PSA’s initiative in 2006 and is run by the OLF.

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