Jan 272011

Mumbles All-Weather Lifeboat. Photo: Mumbles Lifeboat

Swansea Coastguard was contacted by a Dutch registered cargo vessel, the Eems Star reporting an injured crewman on board. The vessel was at anchor at the time.
The 38 year old Filipino crewman was suffering from a head injury after a fall against a guard rail.

Swansea Coastguard made contact with the duty doctor, and discussed the nature of the mans injuries. A decision was made to evacuate the man off the vessel and take him for medical attention at the Morriston Hospital.
With westerly winds of 10 knots and a calm sea it was decided to request the launch of the Mumbles RNLI all weather lifeboat. Once transferred aboard the lifeboat the injured man was brought ashore and taken to Morriston Hospital in Swansea for further treatment. The vessel remains at anchor.

Dai Jones, Watch Officer at Swansea Coastguard said:”Medical evacuations from such vessels are no easy transfer, particularly where head, neck or back injuries are involved. We have to take into account sea conditions; prevailing winds and the state of the casualty.

“The man can now be treated for his injuries and if able, be repatriated to the ship when it sails”.

Find out more about the Mumbles Lifeboat folk and the great work eing done by the volunteers here.

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