Jan 282011

The US National Transportation Safety Board is offering two courses for investigators and industry professionals in the next two months.

The first course, Cognitive Interviewing for Accident Investigators, will be offered February 23-24, 2011, at the NTSB Training Center, and provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to conduct interviews of participants in, and witnesses to, transportation incidents or accidents. Emphasis will be on the cognitive interviewing technique to maximize the amount and quality of information obtained during investigative interviews. This course will also focus on refining CI techniques and will provide the participant with numerous opportunities to gain confidence using the CI method through interactive discussion, demonstrations and exercises.

The second course, Survival Factors in Aviation Accidents, will be offered March 28-31, 2011, also at the NTSB Training Center in Ashburn, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.). The course will cover a wide range of aircraft occupant survivability issues, including case studies highlighting key components of accident survivability, cabin safety and emergency equipment.

Complete descriptions of these courses, registration information and cost to attend may be found on the NTSB Training Center Web site at:

  • IM401S (February 23-24, 2011)
  • AS302 (March 28-31, 2011)

Information about the NTSB Training Center is available at www.ntsb.gov/TC/trainingcenter.htm.

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