Dec 102010

Is it efficient? Find out is an initiative launched by the Carbon War Room and industry-leading partners to increase information flows around international shipping’s energy efficiency and ultimately help reduce the environmental impacts of the world’s shipping fleet.

Says the website: “We understand that shipping is a highly efficient form of transport, but it is also, according to independent analysis from management consultants Booz & Co., “the largest potential energy efficiency opportunity in the transportation sector where new financing models will make a difference.” enables anyone with access to the internet to tell an efficient, low-emission ship from an less efficient one, for the first time. Using a simple search function, users can pull up an A to G rating for around 60,000 existing ships, including the majority of the world’s container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, cargo ships, cruise ships and ferries.

The rating uses methodology developed by the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) for the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and data from the world’s largest ship registry, IHS Fairplay. Ship-owners and operators are encouraged to update records at when efficiency improvements to vessels have been implemented

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