Dec 102010


Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) is holding a seminar in English on management and major accident risk at its Stavanger offices on 26 January 2011.

The background for the seminar is a series of meetings conducted by the PSA with 15 different companies and licence joint ventures over the past three years.

Management representatives at these sessions will explain how they maintain an overview of and work to reduce the major accident risk to which their company is exposed.

The goal is to focus attention on the information used by senior company executives and what action they take on the basis of these data.

Says PSA: “A number of speakers at the seminar will share the experience of their companies and the challenges facing them in terms of the topics addressed by these meetings.

“The PSA will sum up its key findings from the series in a report on managing the risk of major accidents in a governance perspective. Everyone interested is welcome to attend the seminar”.

List of speakers (Click for the full programme)

  • Magne Ognedal, director-general, PSA
  • Ingrid Årstad, discipline leader, PSA
  • Thomas W Schuessler, vice president for the North Sea production organisation (NSP) and chief executive, Esso Norge AS
  • Scott Kerr, chief executive, Noreco
  • Kjell Pedersen, chief executive, Petoro
  • Kjell Jacobsen, director, Seadrill Ltd and Seawell Ltd
  • Harald Norvik, senior adviser, Econ Pöyry, and former chief executive, Statoil

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