Dec 042010

A quick round up of noteworthy development on the piracy front, from counselling for seafarers victims of piracy to another win for Best Management Practices and the first newsletter of a research project with promising aims.

Counselling Seminars

Filipino seafarers are being offered free piracy awareness seminars by the International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare this week in Manila. Tuesday and Wednesday feature seminars with a practical workshop on Thursday for which a ‘modest fee’ will be charge for certification. Sponsored by the International Transport Workers’ Federation Seafarers Trust training in trauma counselling is included. FAME, the Filipino Association of Mariners Employment is co-ordinating the event.Another win for BMP

On 30 November 2010, the MV Kythira notched up another win for Best Management practices after it reported it was under attack, more than 2,000 kilometres east of Eyl, on the Somali coast.

Kythira reported that the Pirate Action Group (PAG), onboard one attack skiff, fired weapons and attempted to board the vessel on two occasions.

However, the crude oil tanker increased speed and conducted evasive manoeuvres in accordance with recommended Best Management Practices, which made it impossible for the PAG to board and take control of the vessel.

Research Newsletter

PiraT, an interdisciplinary  research project which looks at assessing and tackling the risk of maritime piracy and terrorism has published its first newsletter and a working paper: Security Governance as a Conceptual Framework for Analyzing Piracy and Maritime Terrorism. Conceptual and Empirical Foundations.

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