Dec 202010

Sticky tape was a repair material of choice on the Sierra Leone-flagged Mahmoud Z, Photo: Paris MOU

The Paris MoU will introduce a new port state control inspection regime from the 1st of January 2011. This New Inspection Regime (NIR) was developed by the Paris MoU following consultation with the industry on a mechanism to focus port State  control inspections and to reward quality shipping. The NIR was developed in cooperation with the European Union and with a significant contribution from EMSA and all of the member Authorities of the Paris MoU. The NIR requirements are aligned with the legislative requirements of the new EU Directive on Port State  Control and with the national legislation of the PMoU Member States. Under the NIR quality ships will be rewarded with longer inspection intervals. High risk ships will be subject to expanded inspections every 6 months. Ships with 3 or more detentions will be banned for minimum period of 3 months.

Check out how it will work and what it means for your ship here


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