Nov 122010

Winter weather could increase hazard during deck operations warns the Marine Safety Forum in its latest Safety Flash.

Says MSF: “Following two recent incidents during routine deck operations, one of which has been risked ranked as significant, this notice has been issued as a reminder to all involved in these operations.
Specifically with the onset of worse weather during the winter everyone should take time to  evaluate all the risks involved in these operations.

The following are items raised from the recent incidents.Crew should not climb on cargo to access bridles. Inform the bridge and installation that the bridle is not accessible and look at other options, for example use a hook to pull it clear.
Any change to routing needs to be considered, a management of change and risk assessment should be carried out to evaluate the impact as outlined in the NWEA guidelines section
Priority lifts should be highlighted as part of the loading plan and loaded to enable safe access. If a departure from the agreed sequence of deck cargo discharge is required, then a revised discharge plan is to be agreed between the Master and OIM after a risk assessment has been carried out.
Do not approach lifts which are attached to the crane until enough slack wire has been provided. If the vessel drops in a wave the item may lift and swing towards you.
When hooking or unhooking lifts from the crane ensure that hands are not in a position where they can be trapped between the bridle and the lift or between the lift and adjacent solid objects should the bridle become tight or the lift moves.

The North West European Guidelines Section 3.3.6 should also be consulted.
Cargo handling is a very routine job on the majority of vessels. We cannot become complacent.
Cargo handling requires constant and undivided attention
Every transfer must be taken seriously

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