Nov 142010

North P&I Club and The Nautical Institute have  launched  The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence – Handbook.

The handbook, written by a team from the North of England P&I Association, augments another, larger book published by the Institute: The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence – in the Light of ISM by Dr Phil Anderson, also of the Institute’s North East England Branch.

Says the Nautical Institute’s president James Robinson: “The publications are a response to the increasingly litigious world faced by seafarers and designated persons ashore, said Institute … Seafarers are wary of facing litigation or claims and the fear criminalisation is increasing”.

This was recognised by The Nautical Institute 20 years ago when the first of the Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence books was published. The Institute’s North Eastern Branch has maintained its association with the book throughout that time.

Robinson says that the Institute is offering the book and handbook to help those at sea and ashore alike in the collection, preservation and use of evidence in marine claims. “Use of them both will build confidence when gathering evidence to present to those unfamiliar with shipboard operations – including doctors, insurers, statisticians, civil servants, and lawyers which you can find if you visit this site online. They may need to be informed about the background to an incident under investigation in order to understand it properly” says the NI.

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