Nov 092010

Ocean Sun

At 03:49 Tuesday, Humber Coastguard was alerted to a fire in the engine room of the gas platform standby vessel Ocean Sun. The vessel is 70 nautical miles ENE of Flamborough Head with gale force 8, easterly winds on scene.

The vessel confirmed that the fire had been extinguished at 03:52hrs and had regained power to one engine. However, because of the vital role the standby vessel plays to the gas rig, arrangements are underway to have the vessel replaced by another standby vessel. It is currently thought that it will take at least 18 hours for a relief vessel to arrive.

The 58 metre Ocean Sun is standing by the jack-up rig Ensco 72. The vessel has 12 persons on board. Humber Coastguard is broadcasting Pan Alerts to inform vessels approaching the area of the situation and is putting contingency plans in place to keep the crew and vessel safe until the relief boat arrives.
Humber Coastguard Watch Manager, Mike Puplett says: “We are pleased to hear that after the initial fire and subsequent loss of power all the crew are safe. Nevertheless this means that the Ocean Sun is currently operating with only one engine and there is a real risk to the vessel and crew if something happens to that engine. The MCA Duty Counter Pollution Officer is in touch with the vessels owner and were working on contingency plans to keep everyone safe until the relief vessel arrives.

The vessel, formerly Havila Sun was built in 1972 at J.G Hitzler Schiffswerft & Maschinenfab. and underwent major conversion works in 1992 and 1995. On 31 January 2007 when Havila Rescue UK Ltd was sold to Ocean Mainport Holdings Ltd the vessel changed name to Ocean Sun.

The vessel has been upgraded and especially converted from a PSV to serve the oil industry in the North Sea as an ERRV.

The vessel is owned and managed by Sartor Offshore Rescue Ltd.

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