Nov 032010

CFL Patron

Controllable pitch propellers, CPPs, have a habit of belying their own name. Since CCPs often do not fail-to-safe and you could find yourself bucking around in a large vessel in close and crowded quarters so be ready for it when it happens.

That’s the message from the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, in its preliminary report into a contact incident involving CFL Patron in Immingham Docks.

MAIB did not discover why the CPP failed but the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents has written to the vessel’s manager, CFL Shipmanagement B.V., regarding emergency preparedness for propulsion failures on its vessels; pre-departure testing of propulsion systems; and preservation of evidence and data following an accident.

Says MAIB: “The general cargo vessel CFL Patron suffered a controllable pitch propeller (CPP) control power failure while manoeuvring at 1.6 knots in the lock at Immingham docks, prior to departing the port. Despite the master’s attempts to recover control of the CPP system, the pitch remain

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