Nov 122010

Pirates captured in a EUNAVFOR interception

China’s state-run news agency Xinhua reports that the Panama-registered  freighter Yuan Xiang with 29 Chinese sailors on board was hijacked by pirates in waters of the Arabian Sea on the northern Indian Ocean Friday night, according to the  China Marine Rescue Center CMRC.

CMRC says it failed to get in touch with the hijacked ship and the fate of the Chinese sailors remained unclear.

CMRC received a report from the Ningbo Hongyuan Ship Management Co., Ltd. at 23: 26, 1526 GMT, Friday, saying the company’s sailors were hijacked by unknown number of pirates. The waters of the Arabian Sea, where the hijacking occurred, are not protected by the Chinese Navy’s convoy fleet..

The pirates told the ship company that the ship is sailing to Somalia.

CMRC has contacted international anti-pirate organizations and relevant countries to carry out the rescue efforts.

On two previous occasions Chinese ships and crews have been rescue . Similar rescue efforts for the Yuan Xiang and its crew are far from unexpected.

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