Oct 162010

Eagle Corona

ReCAAP ISC, the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia Information Sharing Centre has issued the following alert regarding the board of the AET operated crude oil tanker Eagle Corona:

On 15 Oct 10 at or about 0250 hrs, a Singapore-registered crude oil tanker, Eagle Corona was underway approximately 26 nm south of Pulau Karimata, Indonesia (2° 06.17′ S, 108° 45.6′ E) when the master heard knocking on his cabin door. The knocking became louder and somebody was trying to break into his cabin. When he opened the door, he discovered three of his crew were tied up and six robbers armed with long knives were in the alleyway. “At that time, the OOW arrived at the alleyway and he saw the robbers. The OOW ran up to the bridge, raised the general alarm, announced over the PA system and he saw the robbers. The OOW ran up to the bridge, raised the general alarm, announced over the PA system and transmitted security message on VHF channel 16.


Approximate location of incident

In the meantime the robbers entered the master’s cabin and tied him up. They stole his cash and personal effects, followed by entering the crew’s cabin and also stole their cash and personal effects. After that, the robbers took the master with them to the poop deck and then left the vessel. All the crew were mustered and accounted for on the bridge. All were not harmed except one crew sustained a minor cut on his neck.

A search of the vessel revealed that the B deck aft door was forced open, but the stores were intact. Following the incident, the master imposed additional anti-piracy precautionary measures including step-up of anti-piracy patrol, deploying of more fire hoses and manning of the engine room. The vessel continues her voyage to Sriracha, Thailand.

The owner of the vessel reported the incident to Singapore’s Port Operations Control Centre (POCC), which is also the ReCAAP Focal Point (Singapore). The master also reported the incident to the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)’s Maritime Security Task Force – Information Fusion Centre (MSTF-IFC).

“Comments by ReCAAP ISC |The ReCAAP ISC advises ship masters to take necessary precautions and exercise vigilance at all times while transiting the area, especially during hours of darkness. Ship masters are also advised to report all actual and attempted incidents to the coastal State immediately”.


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