Oct 162010

Confidential Lifeboat Safety Survey – Seafarers and Offshore – Have You Done Your Bit?


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Crew rescued from sinking Whitby trawler in North Sea
Lifeboat crew members had boarded the trawler and managed to secure a tow line, but it had to be cut as the vessel rolled over and sank within five minutes

Grounded ship still posing environmental threat
The most immediate threat to the environment, a leak from the vessel’s bunker tanks, was partially lifted soon after the grounding. Reports said the Indian

Firm coy on reasons for ferry fire
None of the six people on board the vessel were injured when the fire started about 2pm on Thursday. A passenger raised the alarm as the ferry was halfway

Grounded dolphin cruise boat freed from Outer Harbor sand bar
An MFS spokeswoman said a fire boat, The Gallantry, has now successfully attached a toe rope to the Port Princess and has lifted the vessel from the sand

HMS OCEAN Hosts Maritime Stakeholders
for development of a Maritime concept paper that would address issues affecting the sector such as poaching, drug trafficking, pollution and piracy.

Other Casualty Reports

Maritime Bulletin

On 15 Oct 10 at or about 0250 hrs, a Singapore-registered crude oil tanker, Eagle Corona was underway approximately 26 nm south of Pulau Karimata, Indonesia

Ecoterra Intl. reports: It has been reported now that a ship delivered the ransom and the pirates went out of the ship. Official confirmation of the release is awaited.

The Attalya was found by the tugboat Fairmount Fuji afternoon October 15

Bulk carrier Sandness grounded off Esbjerg, Denmark, on October 15. Still aground

On October 15 at 0240 LT in Dardanelles collided Croatian bulk carrier Dina and Japanese reefer Wild Jasmine




Somali pirates seize South Korean boat
The latest hijacking came as South Korea increases efforts to counter piracy in international waters. South Korea has an anti-piracy warship patrolling

Defense Department’s Huddleston Says Safeguarding Africa’s Waters is Vital for
Obviously, we’re seeing any number or problems in the maritime areas around Africa now. Everyone knows and talks about piracy on the east coast.


Off The Radar

Cruise retraces Titanic’s journey
the sinking of the Titanic. She was designed to be the greatest ship that ever sailed – but fate intervened and she never completed her maiden voyage.


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