Sep 302010
Lifeboat Safety Survey – Investigators Only, This Time

If you’re involved in maritime/offshore casualty investigation do consider participating in our lifeboat safety survey.

You can complete the survey here: Lifeboat Safety Survey – Investigators

We welcome your participation, thank you for taking the trouble and time to help us and we apologise in advance for the ugliness of some of the question matrices.


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imageNews Headlines

L.D.W.F. Agents Rescue Four Men in Timbalier Bay
Agents transported the four crewmen to the Fourchon Harbor Police to be evaluated and reunited with their families. The cause of the vessel sinking has not

Yachtsman rescued as tanker spots distress flare
Port St Mary lifeboat was launched at 10.35pm and found the yacht at midnight. Coxswain Dave Richards said: ‘We could see the tanker from miles and miles

Scallop fishermen’s family urge investigation
Tricia Greene, Corey Cossaboom’s sister, said the family still doesn’t know what happened to her brother’s fishing vessel. (CBC)Family members of two

Safety charges follow barge sinking
Atlantic Towing Ltd., an Irving company, is charged under the Canada Shipping Act with “taking actions that might jeopardize the safety of a vessel

Call to cut shipping emissions at IMO demo

The shipping industry can do more to tackle climate change and raise billions of dollars to help poor countries cope with its devastating impact said international agency Oxfam ahead of a major meeting of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London on Monday.

US unveils new rules to prevent new BP-like oil spill
Some 205 million gallons of oil flowed into the Gulf after the April 20 explosion aboard the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon oil rig, impacting the crucial

Duck boat captain sues tug, Philly in deadly crash
of Philadelphia and operators of a tugboat that pushed a huge city barge into his amphibious vessel, sinking it and leaving two Hungarian tourists dead.

Shipwreck deaths not compensation
BAGLUNG, Sept 29: The families of 12 Nepalis who died in a ship accident in the Arabian Sea on June 30, 2009, have failed to get any compensation

Captain honored for response in Gulf rig explosion
The day ended tragically for 11 families who lost loved ones in the explosion. But for Landry, the death toll might have been higher. His ship, the Damon

Drilling Plans Off Cuba Stir Fears of Impact on Gulf
Cuba has neither the submarine robots needed to fix deepwater rig equipment nor the platforms available to begin drilling relief wells on short notice.

Other Casualty Reports

Maritime Bulletin

On September 29 coaster Molo Trader experienced mechanical failure and was disabled off Kristiansand

Six people who were taken hostage off the coast of Cameroon on Sept. 12 have been freed after a military raid, Cameroon’s communications minister said on Thursday.

Syrian general cargo Perla-Adib ran aground on Chios island in strait between Chios and Turkey




Somali pirates hijack cargo ship in Tanzanian waters
Somali piracy has been increasing off the lawless Somalia coast. Pirates earn millions of dollars in ransoms from shipping companies.

UK Insurance Firms Plan Private Navy to Prevent Piracy
The maritime insurance industry paid $300m in ransoms and associated costs in the last two years alone, according to

Mauritius to host regional piracy meeting next week
Although Mauritius has not been directly affected by Somali piracy, the Indian Ocean island nation has feared for its maritime trade as well as the many

Pirates of the Wild Coast
By Stabroek staff Maritime piracy in Guyana is a by-product of the well-known water-borne coastal crimes –backtracking, contraband trade, drug-smuggling,


Off The Radar

Hapless sailor
Glenn Crawley – who has been nicknamed ‘Captain Calamity’ – has cost the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) £30000 in a string of rescues since he

Superyachts Lure Billionaires With Sonic Cannons, Lasers: A. Craig Copetas
Goebbels designed a regulation that today has 15000 pleasure-vessel owners paying 2200 euros a year for the right to fly Luxembourg’s red-lion flag and

War sinking survivor’s keepsake
The story behind a water vessel owned by a seaman whose ship was sunk by a U- boat during World War II.

Turkish Finance Ministry seize Pimped Savarona

Turkey’s Finance Ministry has begun procedures to cancel a 49-year lease on the Savarona, the historic yacht used by the founder of modern Turkey during his last days, after the boat became embroiled in a prostitution scandal.
Fourteen people onboard the Savarona, including businessmen and underage girls allegedly brought from Russia and Ukraine for high-cost prostitution, were detained Monday in a raid on an alleged prostitution ring

Panama Canal fossils reveal ancient collision of worlds

The creation of the Panama Isthmus – the narrow land bridge that joins the two continents – wreaked havoc on land, sea and air. It triggered extinctions, diverted ocean currents and transformed climate.

Now a multi-billion dollar project to widen the Panama Canal is set to reveal new secrets about the event that changed the world.

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