Aug 062010

imageOn 5 Aug 10 at or about 0048 hrs (local time), a Singapore-registered vessel, VOS Hyperion was underway at position 3° 09.10′ N, 108° 24.35′ E (approximately 27.8 nm northwest of Pulau Subi Besar, Indonesia) when the master spotted an unlit small
speed boat approaching VOS Hyperion from the forward starboard quarter of the vessel. The vessel carried out evasive manoeuvers and switched on the fore and aft search lights to indicate that the crew was aware of being trailed by the speed boat.

After a while, the speed boat gave up the chase. The crew was not injured.

This is the seventh incident reported in the vicinity of Pulau Subi Besar since June
2010. The first incident reported in 2010 involved product tanker Okrim Leader which occurred on 10 Jun 2010, followed by incidents reported on 15 Jun 10, 16 Jun 10 Jul 10, 13 Jul 10, 14 Jul 10 and 5 Aug 10. The incidents in this vicinity occurred on consecutive days, or on the same day,

The shipping company reported the incident to the ReCAAP ISC; and the Singapore’s Port Operation Control Centre (POCC) had initiated a NAVTEX broadcast to alert mariners about the incident and to adopt precautionary measures transiting through the vicinity.


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