Aug 122010

imageMad Rock Marine Solutions Inc., which manufactures emergency evacuation technologies for marine environments, has partnered with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s MUN Safety and Risk Engineering Group to develop a Failure Mode Effect Analysis, FMEA, tool for lifeboat release gear systems.

MUN’s Safety and Risk Engineering group is a leading research team in the area of fault diagnosis, failure analysis and risk assessment in offshore oil and gas and process industries. Dr. Fiasal Khan heads the team that is working closely with Mad Rock develop this tool.

FMEA, a well-utilized engineering tool in manufacturing industries, is a procedure in product development and operations management for the analysis of potential failure modes with similar products or processes. This tool enables the user to design failures out of the system.

FMEA identifies the potential failure modes within engineered systems based on past experience. Failure modes are any errors or defects in a process, design, or item, especially those that can affect the customer, and can be potential or actual. Effects analysis refers to studying the consequences of those failures.

“The International Maritime Organization has been considering making FMEA a required analysis for the approval of advanced lifeboat release hooks” said Dr. Khan, “Our collaboration with Mad Rock will aim to do a detailed risk assessment of Mad Rock RocLoc hook, and in doing so, develop a formal rigorous FMEA tool that Mad Rock can use on any type of lifeboat release gear and other hook products”

“We are excited about this collaboration with Dr. Khan’s group and the potential to have a formal tool that we can use to evaluate the RocLoc and other future products that drive our goal to improve safety standards, performance, and usability”, said Dean Pelley, CEO and President of Mad Rock Marine Solutions Inc.

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