Aug 252010


Tugs deal with powerful dynamic forces that can turn a routine job into a disaster within seconds, as we saw in the Bourbon Dolphin tragedy.  Those aboard often have just seconds to realise what’s happening and deal with the problem.

MAC was intrigued by a device being exhibited by Smart Installations AS at the the Offshore Northern Seas exhibition in Stavanger this week.

The device, called ControlCutter has been developed to automatically, control cutting and securing of the ends of any type of wire or chain during uncontrolled or emergency anchor handling.

It weakens anchor cable by heating it rapidly to a high temperature then severing the cable with alloy cutters.

Says Smart Installations: “The ControlCutter is preferably mounted in front of the spooler unit systems as a permanent emergency release tool that can be activated during anchor handling operations. The system does not need any personnel on the deck while operating and will be pre-installed as part of the permanent equipment of the vessel.

“The ControlCutter system can be controlled by either a hydraulic or electrical control system and could be linked easily to the bridge or operations centre onboard the vessel where the system would be safely activated. “

For the last two years Smart Installations has worked closely together with Statoil, Innovation Norway and several Shipping company to develop ControlCutter. The system is still in development but the first installation on a working vessel is expected early next year.

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