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imageWhen a cold, tired, exhausted crew plead for its ship to be inspected then you can be shore it’s an unhappy ship. In the case of the Panama-registered tanker Gorgonilla. commercially operated by Uni-Chartering,  it was more than unhappy, it was uninhabitable says the ParisMOU’s Caught in the Net campaign.

On 27 January 2010 the ship’s main engine failed some three miles off Europa Point, Gibraltar. she spent several hours not under control until the engine were restarted.

A dozen days later, she’s on passage from Gibraltar to Kalunborg by way of the Kiel Canal. The outside temperature was –9 degrees Celsius. Inside the accommodation the temperature falls to 0 degrees Celsius because the ship has no heating. The sanitary water has already frozen in the pipes.

Says the corrected Paris MOU report: “After passing the locks in Brunsbüttel there was a blackout and a shutdown of the main engine. The vessel went alongside in Brunsbüttel 08-02-2010.

“The ships crew announced the very poor technical condition of the ship and asked for help and support.

“On the same day an overriding PSC inspection was carried out.

“Statutory certificates issued by DNV were presented and found all valid until
July 2014.

The ISM system had been audited by LR and a valid DOC was available. Due to the recent change of ownership the vessel was provided with an interim SMC.

imageAmongst numerous other technical deficiencies the biggest problem for the totally exhausted crew was the broken heating system. Outside temperature at that time was –9°C. The temperature inside the accommodation dropped below 0°C! The sanitary water system was already partly frozen. The ship was declared uninhabitable and the crew had to leave the vessel in order to rest themselves. The Brunsbüttel Seamen’s Mission provided heated sleeping rooms and food.

The inspection revealed a total of 40 deficiencies of which 9 were considered grounds for detention, for example:

·  Emergency fire pump without pressure
·  Lifeboat motors did not start
·  Portside life boat holed
·  Some fire dampers inoperative
·  Accommodation not heated, temperature inside below 0°C
·  ISM related deficiencies

Some other deficiencies were:

·  Oil on tank top, oil leakages at purifiers and FO booster pumps
·  Aux. engine dismantled, class condition already overdue
·  Aux. engine synchronisation system inoperative
·  Tanks for bilge water and sludge, as well as bilges full
·  Emergency towing wire wasted
·  CPP control from bridge not working
·  Main engine monitoring and alarm system out of order
·  Excessive steam leakages
·  No water supply to sanitary facilities
·  Sewage system out of order
·  Bridge VHF station malfunction
·  Echo sounder inoperative
·  Speed indicator defective
·  ARPA radar malfunction
·  NTM’s not supplied
·  Sea charts not corrected
·  Lifejackets reflective stripes faded
·  Embarkation ladder for forward raft worn out
·  Cleanliness of food store, galley and pantries insufficient
·  Excessive amount of garbage collected
·  Forecastle bell missing; etc.

All crew members have been examined by a doctor of the port health authority and
subsequently found unfit for further work.

After some negotiations involving the port health authority and ITF the entire crew has been repatriated. On 15-02-2010 the ship was towed to a lay-by berth in Bremerhaven, where the managing owner as well as the Flag State has changed. The new owners applied for permission for a single voyage as a “dead ship” in tow to a shipyard in Kaliningrad. On 03-05-2010 this permission was granted.

The vessel is now for sale.

Paris MOU Report

See below for some less-than-ship-shape photos



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