Jul 162010

US Refused The Lessons Of Piper Alpha

It will probably be the last quarter of 2010 when the full facts about the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. For reasons of pragmatism it is likely that much will remain unknown until after the relief wells have killed the flow. In would be enormously unwise too far right now but Bill Campbell, retired Shell International Health and Safety Group auditor, believes that such a disaster would probably not have happened in UK waters. Here is his interview with Jessica Livingston of the offshore website Oil And Gas IQ, with Ms. Livingston’s permission and thank to Raymond Holroyd for making it possible.

At the end of the day, eleven men are dead and families are grieving. That awful sacrifice will not best served by “kicking butt” to satisfy the needs of the soundbite or pandering to opportunistic congressional carpetbaggers but by learning the lessons of the this tragedy and demolishing the isolationist attitudes towards safety that regarded the lessons of Piper Alpha as irrelevant to the United States.

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