May 312010

imageBy its nature, many of MAC’s posts have unhappy endings. The question is: if you were this storeman would you have identified and acted on a hazard to your shipmates?

Sometimes we get so wrapped in getting the job done that we forget to add ‘safely’. Be alert because the life you save may be your buddy’s.

Marine Safety Forum reports the happy tale thusly:

“Whilst working at the starboard lay down area emptying a container the store man noticed, directly underneath the grating, there was a tank hatch open with a ladder leading down inside. This was the entry into the cargo tank which had been opened for repairs at the bottom of the tank.

There was a potential of an object dropping through the grating, through the open hatch and striking the work party 40 metres below on the tank bottom.

Corrective measures
The works in the tank were currently suspended. The deck crew secured a tarpaulin on the grating above the entry to prevent any potential dropped objects.

Additional info
This issue was captured on an active card for dissemination to the teams at morning briefs. This potential hazard to be capture in future tank entry risk assessments. A very good spot showing good hazard perception and risk awareness

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