May 312010

image North P&I club has launched a poster campaign to help its 375 member groups comply with the ever-changing requirements of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL.

Tony Baker, the club’s head of loss-prevention, says: “The International Maritime Organization’s marine environment protection committee continues to amend and extend the scope of MARPOL and the consequences of non-compliance are becoming increasingly severe.

“It is thus vital that shipowners and their crews are continually reminded of the importance of adhering to the regulations and avoiding all forms of environmental pollution risk”.

The first of North’s new series of Clean Seas posters, which has just been published, relates to MARPOL annex I – regulations for the prevention of pollution by oil – and highlights the procedures which should be followed during bunkering.

“The aim of the poster is to remind seafarers of the potential for oil spills to occur during bunkering operations,’ says Baker. ‘Subsequent posters will highlight problems that may by experienced by vessels under the other five annexes of MARPOL”.

The posters use a similar format to the club’s previous poster campaigns on safe-working practices, using eye-catching and easy-to-understand graphics contrasting good and bad practice. These and other safety posters are widely used on members’ vessels and offices and are free to download from the club’s website at

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