May 312010

Galeon Andalucia - The Black Pearl won't hack it.

To fulfil its commitment to EUNAVFOR off the Somali coast Spain has announced that it will be recommissioning a number of naval vessels. Admiral Manuel Labor Eustanchian Tube says: “These vessels may be old but they are serviceable and performed admirably across the Pacific for many years”.

EUNAVFOR Commandant Basil Fawlty commented: “He’s from Barcelona, you know…”

In fact it’s the Galeon Andalucia, a reproduction of a 17th century vessel known as a galleon when owned by the Spanish crown and a Nao when under civilian command. You’ll find video of it here. About now she’s on her way from Dubai to Shanghai to promote Andalucia at the World Expo.

Yes, she is going through pirate waters. Yes, she has a security team aboard.

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