May 022010

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BP will attempt to lower a pipe to the source of the leaks, currently estimated to be 5,000 bbls – 794,936 litres (210,000 US gals) – to inject oil dispersants into the flow. This would encourage the oil to break up at an earlier stage and less oil to reach the surface.

Attempts to activate the blow-out preventer

Joint Information Center updates

NOAA updates

Effects on shipping

North of England P&I Club has issued a briefing warning of possible problems caused by hull fouling of ships transitting the area of the spill.

Standard P&I Club has a similar briefing here.


A USCG investigator has made the following appeal on the gCaptain forum: “It is my goal to ensure that this gets nothing but the best of USCG attention and the right information is gathered to answer my 3 big questions:
What happened?
How did it happen?
How do we prevent it from happening again?

If you are interested in helping and honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, help me by providing me with information or educating me on the operations that led up to this incident. I am here. Please remember that it is a federal investigation, I am limited as to information that is releasable at this point, but, I will gladly share with you what I can.

My contact information is LT Angel Flood, my email at work is I don’t answer the phone much, so, email is best. Attorneys: file your Freedom of Information Act request. Media: Contact Coast Guard Public Affairs or the Joint Information Center at the incident command post. I am strictly focused on the marine casualty investigation.”


BP is trying to increase the assets it can bring to bear: “BP is looking to contract with vessels for hire (shrimp boats, oyster boats, etc.) to deploy boom in the Gulf of Mexico. The response contractors for this program are already collecting infomation on vessels. Specifically, they need the name, owner, dimensions, characteristics gincluding length, draft, horsepower, etc) and other pertinent information you can provide. Direction and training will be provided and determined by area response plans based on the highest priority areas on down.
Current staging areas for the program are Venice, LA; Mobile, AL; Biloxi, MS; Pascagoula, MS and Pensacola, FL. So far, more than 100,000 feet of boom has been deployed, with another 400,000 available. So if you can help, please do so. There is intended to be deployed launch barges staged in areas where additional boom may be deployed.
As soon as you have gathered the relevant information on your vessel, please email that information to the managing contractor Vince Mitchell at or 425-745-8017. As well, please copy BP’s coordinator Grant Johnson at


A transcript of the latest press conference, which gives a run-down on the current situation as of 1 May is here.

A live interview with a survivor can be found here.

Valuable reading to aid understanding of what gone on, and the professionalism applied, can be found in the report on the Thunder Horse close call here.

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