May 112010

imageMaritime and Coastguard Surveyors have detained the passenger vessel Prince Albert II in Portsmouth this afternoon. The vessel is a Bahamas registered passenger ship, operated by V.Ships Leisure (Monaco) in Portsmouth.

The vessels provides luxury cruises in some of the world’s harshest and demanding environents in the world.

Richard Pellew, Area Operations Manager, Survey and Inspections, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, said: “The safety aspect of the ship and those who are on board is always our primary concern. The inspection of the Prince Albert II has raised two areas of concern overloading and the recording of hours of rest for senior officers. The MCA has a zero tolerance on crew fatigue, it is of grave concern that senior officers on board are seemingly not getting sufficient rest.

We understand that the ship was intending on sailing at 8pm this evening, the ship will be detained until we are confident they have met the measures put in place to rectify these problems.”

Fatigue among ship’s officers is a leading root cause of groundings and collisions.


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  One Response to “Cruise “Overloaded – Ship’s Officers Not Getting Enough Rest””

  1. In U.S. waters, for US documented vessels, 46USC8104(a) is relevant for deck navigational officers, however, the U.S.C.G. will interpret the rule for both deck and engine officers assuming watch duties upon departure.

    For other vessels, fitness for duty upon departure is gauged by the clauses in the STCW convention itself. If in non-conformity at the time of departure or for subsequent watches after departure, a detention is warranted.

    Departure / immediately after departure situations aside, we are of the opinion that all crew must be fit to work (as determined by the convention clauses) at all times.

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