May 022010

imageAs an almost continuous stream of new reports about companies being fined and seafarers and company executives facing jail for illicit oil discharges show, the message is taking a long time to sink in. The chances of getting caught and seriously whacked for illicit oil discharges are increasing around the world from the US to China to Europe.

On 10 May, 2010, MAC released the first of a series of five videos related to Marpol Annex 1. Each video is in a ‘TV News’ format which provides an immediacy often missing from more traditional approaches and creates an effective learning environment.

The objective of the videos is to bring home the benefits of doing things right, and the serious hazards of doing them wrong, the Marpol regulations, the dangers of magic pipes, the need for OWS maintenance, SOPEP and, of course, the critical need for oil record books to be accurate, truthful and up-to-date.

Starting 10 May the five five-minute videos will be released at ten day intervals and will be free to Maritime Accident Casebook premium subscribers.

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