May 032010

image After lunch, around 1 pm, on the 15 December 2009 exercises was about to be performed on the bridge onboard M/V Bro Anton. One of the exercises was the monthly lowering of its Schatt-Harding MOB boat. The purpose of the drill was to lower the boat to just above the water and at the same time check the greasing and function of the davit.

The mate showed the engineer the handle that released the hook when the boat was in the water and he pulled it, at first it was difficult to move it but after a short twist it moved more easily. He continued to pull the handle to about 90 degrees and suddenly the boat fell down on the pistons to the davit and rotated so the crew was thrown off the boat. Both boat and crew fell towards the water, a fall of about 14 meters.

The investigation shows that the direct cause of the accident was that the stainless steel bar inside the hydrostatic unit, due to oxidation, was stuck in open position.

The incident was the subject of a Safety Alert earlier this year

Full report, in Swedish, here.

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