May 202010

image Blogger Alexandre da Rocha reports that two crew from the oil rig Ocean Ambassador died and another were two injured after their lifeboat fell into the sea in the Campos Basin.

The accident was first reported by the Brazilian company OGX. Ocean Ambassador is owned by Diamond Offshore and operated by Brasdril, a Brazilian company.

According to OGX, the accident happened while the lifeboat was being hoisted back to the platform after a drill.

Says Alexandre “This should be more than enough for any sensible safety management system to consider the risk ‘intolerable’ and prevent anyone from being on board.”

Anyone familiar with maritime accidents will be singularly unimpressed by the lifeboat industry or its industry body and their joint commitment to secrecy about which designs are unsafe, and which manufacturers sell unsafe boats. A determination so great that they declined to either participate in, or provide information to a study by the UK’s Marine and Coastguard Agency, whose final report, Project 555 passes some not-unexpectedly negative remarks regarding the ethics of the industry.

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