Apr 172010

image Every marine accident investigator deals with issues of memory and all have to be familiar with interview techniques, so the BBC’s new series Eyewitness is a must-see, or must listen. Two areas of particular interest are false memories and cognitive interviewing techniques, both useful knowledge for investigators.

Made by the BBC in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police and the Open University, the programmes explore the fallibility of human memory in witness testimony, by creating eyewitnesses and looking at real life cases crucial to the eyewitness story, as well as looking behind the scenes of the series and finding out more about the experts and their work.

Although the series is focussed on police work much of it is very relevant to maritime accident investigation, as the Skania/Gitta, Cosco Busan and other incidents demonstrate.

Here’s Becky Milne on Cognitive interview Techniques:


Given the increasing focus on security, the item on the effectiveness of credit cards bearing the owner’s photograph should be of interest to ship security officers. In the age of TWICs and “your papers please” it presents worrying data.

If you think you have  god memory, listen to Professor Lofthouse:

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