Mar 262010


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24 injured as ship slams into Batangas port
According to SuperCat, the accident was due to a technical problem in the ship. SuperCat said the accident was not due to the miscalculation of the captain,

Coast Guard evacuates sick crew member from freighter
Grand Haven Tribune
The Coast Guard launched its 47-foot lifeboat with the emergency personnel onboard about 6:40 am, and Sulski said they had perfect weather for the ride.

$2.5m replacement ferry for Tonga
New Zealand Herald
Princess Ashika’s captain has been charged for knowingly sailing an unseaworthy vessel and a former New Zealand businessman who bought the Princess Ashika

Ferry failings raise ‘serious safety issue’
Marlborough Express
The ship drifted briefly, before an anchor was dropped to prevent it from grounding. The emergency power system kicked in and passengers were returned to

3 Pinoy seamen ‘detained’ in Greek ship arrive in Manila
He described their eight-month ordeal, saying this has been the most harrowing experience for him in his almost twenty years of working as a seafarer.

Ships polluting the waters in Suisun Bay and waiting to be towed and scrapped, may be transported to South Pacific island.
A Northern Mariana Islands company has released plans to bid on ship disposal contracts, to potentially tow the vessels to the island’s largest city, Saipan, for .


Other Casualty News

Vessel Tracker

On Mar 24, 2010, the “Hans Riga” suffered a machine room fire sailing southbound from the Chagessound in order of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. The crew was ablet to tackle the fire, but the ship lost prpulsion and required the assistance of the tug “BB Ocean” which towed it to Dussawik on Mar 25.

The “Koyomaru No. 6” suffered propeller damage on Mar 24, 2010, on pos. 35 00.9 N 140 02.3 E on its way from Osaka to Tadotsu-Sakai and thus lost propulsion.

The “Le Feng” suffered machine failure on Mar 20., 2010, and subsequently grounded on a reef off the island Petats in Papua Neuguinea.

On Mar 23, 2010, the „Yigithan“ ran agorund near Sile coming from Istanbul while approaching the Black Sea. Neither ship nor crew were in immediate danger.

On Mar 24, 2010, at 11.52 p.m. the “Hafez” suffered machine failure in the Bosporus off Istinye passing the Istanbul Strait southbound coming from Alexandria with destination Tartous. The tugs “Kurtarma 3” and the rescue boats “Kıyı Emniyeti 5” and “Kıyı Emniyeti 10” were sent to the vessel whose crew was able to get the engine started again so that was able to proceed to Büyükdere escorted by the “Kurtarma 3”. But on Mar 25 at 00.20 the vessel suffered rudder failure. The “Kurtarma 1” was sent to the ship the engine of which was stopped, causing an uncontrolled and drift to Beykoz. The “Kurtarma 3” was able to secure the vessel which was finally anchored off Büyükdere at 01:55 a.m.

On Mar 25, 2010, three sailors were injured when armed militants attacked athe “Ozay 5” while it was anchored off the coast of Nigeria being bound for Augusta. A group of eight to 10 attackers boarded the “Ozay 5” and seized the mobile phones and personal valuables of the crew. Scuffles broke out after a crew member pressed an alarm button, resulting in injuries of two Turkish and one Nigerian member of the crew. They were taken to hospital in Lagos and were not in a life-threatening condition. After the fight, the assailants opened fire with automatic rifles in the crew lounge but left the ship without causing further injuries or damage to the vessel or its cargo. The identity of the attackers was not immediately clear.

On Mar 25, 2010, the “Talca” which was hijacked on 23 March en route to Busheir in Iran, arrived off the Somali coastal location of Bargaal, not a known pirate holding area, approximately 400 km north of Eyl, a pirate stronghold.

On Mar 25, 2010, the “Africa Star” was attacked by Somalian pirates 350 miles off the coast in the Indian Ocean. Armoured guards on board the container vessel replied the fire. The pirates then drew back. The ship had already been attacked on Apr 4, 2009, and was able to flee after a hunt which lasted seven hours. If there were casualties among the crew which consists of 3 Bulgarians, 1 Romanian and 6 Ukrainians was unknown yet.

image Piracy/Crime

Turkish ship crewmen hurt in pirates’ raid
When a crew member pressed an emergency alarm, the pirates opened fire with automatic weapons, the report said. Two Turkish crewman and a Nigerian were

Naval Force Frees Pirate Suspects After Firefight
New York Times
They were captured after private contractors on board the cargo ship, the Almezaan, repulsed two attempts to commandeer the vessel and killed a seventh

Marque Star buys armed ship for piracy
with San Antonio’s Espada armed fleet of fast escort vessels in a joint venture to protect private vessels from piracy and other maritime threats.


image Off The Radar

Gordon Lightfoot to alter lyrics to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Vancouver Sun
Lightfoot wrote the iconic song, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, about the mysterious sinking of a US freighter in 1975 on Lake Superior.

Ships from Suisun May Go to South Pacific

South Korean Warship Sinks
Seoul has been careful not to attribute responsibility for the sinking. South Korean officials have confirmed that another of their vessels fired toward the



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