Feb 092010

Hanging loose is noit an option

“securing methods used by the packers on and offshore was futile” says the latest safety alert from Marine Safety Forum following several incidents in which equipment was insufficiently secured in cargo carrying units.

Equipment damage was only prevented because of the awareness of vessel crews at the loading and backloading stages.


The alert advises vessel crews: “Highlight these potential hazards with onshore / offshore personnel as soon as possible after receiving the unit. If the unit(s) needs to be removed from the vessel until more adequate methods of securing are needed then this should be done if safe to do so.”

To cargo packers and inspection personnel onshore and offshore, MSF urges: “Follow Industry best practice and your company’s procedures at all times. Remember if you feel due to weight, size, configuration, time of year, the equipment being shipped needs more effective
securing methods…….then do it! Common Sense must prevail!

Source: MSF Safety Flash 10/04

UKOOA Guidelines for the Safe Packing and Handling of Cargo to and from Offshore Locations.

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