Feb 192010

image If MAC seems to have been a bit quiet over the past day or two, here’s the salutary tale:

On his way to meet with some would-be sponsors (Yes, we do welcome sponsorship) MAC tripped on a pavement he knew well and which held no surprises, except on this occasion. The result was lacerated knuckles, a sprained wrist and a very bruised hand. Relatively minor injuries which still made it almost impossible to use a keyboard for a couple of days and, of course, meant cancellation of appointments.

MAC’s first thought was for his laptop. His second was “Oh, God I hope nobody thinks I’m drunk” and his third was related to the piquancy of someone who spends his working life telling others to be safe having an accident.

It was a reminder of an important principle: When you’re looking after other people’s safety, don’t forget to look after your own.

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