Feb 082010

BG Dublin - What was in the lost box?

Ireland became the first to use the MAR ICE system in a real-life incident last month, says the latest newsletter of the European Maritime Safety Agency.

On 12 January, the container ship BG Dublin lost seven containers in a force 10 storm off Ireland.

Debris was washed up on the southern Irish coast, with one container including the hazardous material sodium bromate. On 14 January the Irish Coastguard requested info on the substance through EMSA’s MAR-ICE service. Information was provided within less than an hour.

The newsletter also give a reminder that the New Inspection Regime, NIR, for Port State Control, PSC, enters into force on 1 January 2011, and preparations at EMSA are
under full steam during 2010.
The Agency recently sent 33,000 copies of a leaflet on the new PSC reporting obligations to State authorities, which will distribute them to stakeholders who will be affected by the new rules: shipowners, masters, and the agents or operators of ships calling at ports of members of the Paris MoU. The leaflet provides info on THETIS, the new PSC database that is due be rolled out during 2010, which is populated by EMSA’s vessel tracking and monitoring service SafeSeaNet. The leaflet also outlines how the shipping industry must prepare for the new reporting obligations for vessels coming into port in Paris MoU States.


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