Feb 092010

Throwing a little (broken) light on dropped objects

Marine Safety Forum says “A recent report from a Platform Supply Vessel has highlighted a serious incident on board concerning a dropped object from an offshore installation crane. Although no injuries were sustained as a result of this incident, the deck crew were working on the main deck of the PSV at the time and could have been struck by this dropped object.

At 1750 hours, a bang was heard from the top of the PSV’s bridge/monkey island. The second  officer went up to investigate and came down with the remains of a red lamp. This lamp was first believed to be part of the ship’s NUC light but when tested the ship’s NUC lights were found to working.


You wouldn't want this to put your lights out

Just before the bang, the port crane on the offshore installation was discharging cargo from a bay close to the PSV’s bridge with the boom pointing towards the bridge. The crane driver was asked if he was missing any of his red lights and he replied that the top one was not working.

Possible Consequences of Near Miss: Personal injury if the dropped lamp had hit a member of the deck crew working on the main deck.

Corrective Action Taken by Vessel: Reported the incident to the installation. Suspended cargo operations to investigate.

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