Feb 222010


Fast Ann a 1980-built decommissioned and unmanned 1,740 tonne cargo vessel waiting to be dismantled, parted her moorings on an ebb tide in dense fog in the River Humber on 19 January 2010. Her radar echo was acquired and tracked by Humber Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), who made several unsuccessful attempts to establish communications with the unknown contact. A pilot vessel and two tugs were then tasked to investigate. One of the tugs managed to identify the vessel and made fast a tow line to her stern. Dense fog and a strong ebb tide of about 4 knots hindered the efforts of the tug, which could not prevent Fast Ann from making contact with the Immingham Oil Terminal structure.

There was damage to vessel’s bow structure and starboard side railings and IOT suffered damage to the structure supporting the pipelines.

Actions taken:

Acetech Construction Ltd, the vessel owner, has:

  • Reviewed its procedures on mooring decommissioned vessels.
  • Submitted proposals to Humber Estuary Services on future securing arrangements.
  • Invited Humber Estuary Services to inspect securing arrangements.
  • Undertaken to keep the site manned for the first four high tides following a mooring operation.

Humber Estuary Services has:

  • Reviewed its risk assessment on the hazards of mooring breakouts and, as a result, has introduced further control measures.
  • Agreed on the feasibility of the proposals submitted by Acetech Construction Ltd and has inspected the site.
  • Undertaken to review the performance of VTS and the assets deployed so as to take forward any lessons from this accident.

Fast Ann:


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