Dec 172009

Inflatable lifejacket - You're mad not to wear one

“Hell” is how Jane Dolby, wife of a fisherman who died because he didn’t wear a life, describes the aftermath of his loss in a new podcast from the Maritime & Coast Guard Agency. Even something as simple as a funeral service became a nightmare without a death certificate which couldn’t be issued because her husband’s body was not found.

Of course, he had plenty of excuses for not wearing a lifejacket.

In 2009 alone there has been a further 9 fatalities involving fishermen and several of these may have been prevented had they been wearing lifejackets.

112 fishermen have been lost at sea since the year 2000, and if they had been wearing a lifejacket their chances of survival would have been far greater.

Families who have lost loved ones face the legal battle that ensues when a body is not found.

Gerry Wood, Coastguard Sector Manager, South East Cornwall says: “We are not telling fishermen anything that they do not already know. What we are saying is – if you end up in the water, a lifejacket may give you your best chance of staying alive.”

Fisherman Tom Smith’s life was saved because he wore an inflatable lifejacket says: “Anyone who doesn’t wear a self-inflating lifejacket is completely mad”.

Here’s the video:

MCA Lifejackets Podcast

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