Dec 252009

9 killed in Caribbean cargo ship fire
ATHENS, Greece – A fire on a Greek-owned cargo ship in the Caribbean has killed nine crew members and injured five, a Venezuelan navy official said Friday.

Crews abandon efforts to skim oil
Anchorage Daily News
Depending on how much of the original 33500 gallons of fuel in those tanks spilled into Prince William Sound in the hours following the Wednesday grounding,

Human error eyed in boats’ collision
Manila Bulletin
“We have high hopes to find more survivors who may have been carried away from the site of the sinking,” Tamayo said. The Coast Guard Command Action Center

RP survivors of Lebanon sinking arrive home
Twelve Filipino seafarers who survived the sinking of their Panamanian ship off Lebanon last December 17 arrived home on Christmas Day.

Marine accidents: Escalating concern
The Daily Star
Severe grounding may produce bottom rupture and subsequent water ingress, which may lead the ship to sinking or capsizing. MV Koko-4 also had bottom rupture


Somali Pirates Seize Greek-Owned Tanker
Journal of Turkish Weekly
The European Union’s anti-piracy force says the crew includes one Romanian, two Ukrainians, nine Greeks and 16 Filipinos. Andrew Mwangura of the Kenya-based

Ariana Crew Abandoned Again
(NAIROBI, Kenya) – One of the most inhumane and cruel Somali piracy stories of 2009 involve the tragic happenings on MV ARIANA, the Greek/British-owned,


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