Dec 132009

imageAs three people waited inside a Frog System carrier a crane operator lost control of the crane’s headache ball due to a ‘rogue swell’ which began swinging, bounced off a jacket platform leg, hit the frame of the Frog carrier, slid inside the frame and injured one of the people inside.

The subsequent investigation found that the crane operator had not been trained for this kind of operation; other, possibly safer, method were available for the transfer but were not considered, the Frog System should only have been used for emergency transfer,  risk assessments were not complied with.

Lessons learned:

  • Risk management processes should carried out before such operations and it is important to do so when personal not previously involved in the operation are present.
  • Actions identified during risk assessments – in this case crane operator training – must be fully closed-out.
  • If circumstances of an operation change then management of change processes must be carried out eve if it means delaying the operation
  • All personnel must be fully briefed at toolbox talks before the operation begins
  • Manufacturers instructions and recommendation should be followed
  • All persons have a duty to stop an operation which has become unsafe.

Source: International Marine Contractors Association


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