Dec 132009


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Weather: Wind 16-20 knots Sig Wave 1.7m

The vessel arrived at the first location and commenced cargo operations. This installation partly discharged its cargo. As per the routing the vessel proceeded on and visited six other locations.

During this time a Waste Recycling Unit (WRU) was moved from the centre line of the vessel to the starboard side adjacent to a safe haven to allow more backload space. The vessel returned to the first location to complete the remaining cargo. As the WRU was lifted it caught in the safe haven which resulted in the lifting bridle parting.

Investigation Findings

The OOW / deck crew did not highlight this potential hazard to the crane operator.
The WRU was moved to its new position against the safe haven which does not follow best practice.

The WRU is lower in height compared to other Cargo Carrying Unit’s.
Actions for prevention OOW / Deck crew to provide guidance / instruction to crane operators on best position of Cargo Carrying Units on their vessel.

Offshore crane operators need to follow best practice regarding low cargo carrying units and vessel safe havens.

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