Nov 192009

imageBritain’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency, MCA, has commissioned a radio advertisement with Metro Radio 97.1 FM in Newcastle and Heart FM in Norfolk and North Suffolk 102.4 FM and Essex 96.3 FM and 102.6 FM to appeal to the loved ones of commercial fishermen – to wear lifejackets whilst on deck.

David Fuller, Principal Fishing Vessel Surveyor, MCA, says: “82 fishermen died after falling overboard between 1992 and 2006; if they had been wearing a lifejacket their chances of survival would have been far greater. In 2009 alone there have been a further 9 fatalities involving fishermen and several of these may have been prevented had they been wearing lifejackets on deck.

“Families where fishermen have drowned as a result of not wearing a lifejacket not only suffer the loss of their loved one, but also the legal battle than ensues when a body is not found. So keeping your body afloat isn’t only imperative if you’re alive, it also saves your family enormous difficulty in the event of your death.

”We are not telling fishermen anything that they dont already know. What we are saying is – if you end up in the water, a lifejacket may give you your best chance of staying alive. Lifejackets are useless unless worn.

To listen to these advertisements click the link on the front page of the MCA website:

Listen to the radio advert for Metro Radio 97.1 FM  (.mp3 file format – 238 kb)
Listen to the radio advert for Heart FM (.mp3 file format – 207 kb)

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