Oct 212009

imageAustralia’s ATSB has issue an update on the Montara oil spill:

The majority of oil remains within the vicinity of the platform with light patchy sheen observed to about 60  kilometres East of the platform. Light patchy sheen has been sighted to within 160 kilometres of the Western Australian coast and 120 kilometres from the Indonesian coast. There have been no sightings of thicker oil closer to shorelines and still weather conditions and calm seas have meant the movement of sheen has been minimal over the past several weeks.

Sheen is typically 0.0001mm in thickness. It poses no threat to shorelines but can be of concern to

image Last week, two officials from the Indonesian Department of Transport met with AMSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Graham Peachey. While in Darwin, the officials accompanied the CEO on one of the official, daily observation flights in AMSA’s Dornier aircraft.

AMSA will continue to keep our counterparts in Indonesia informed of any developments regarding the movement of the oil and the clean-up response.

Daily observation flights are continuing and four vessels remain within the vicinity of the rig. Two vessels are applying dispersant as necessary and the others are performing containment and recovery operations on patches of oil as directed by the observation aircraft.

AMSA operations will be ongoing until such time as the leak has been stopped by PTTEP Australasia
and AMSA is satisfied that the clean-up and monitoring of the area is no longer necessary.

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