Sep 172009

Massive Oil Spill off Guangdong Province, China
Fifty tons of oil have leaked from a cargo ship onto the coastline of Guangdong Province. It happened after the ship crashed into rocks on Tuesday as

Maersk Container Ship Aground near Singapore
There are no reports of injuries aboard the big container, and there is no reported spillage of oil from the grounded ship. Authorities in Singapore have

Crews pull sunken boat from Ohrid Lake
will examine the vessel to establish the cause of sinking. Initial reports say the broken steering cable could be the probable cause of the accident.

“Arctic Sea” comes to Canaries as investigation wrapped up
The probe was done together with Maltese police and navy officers, since the vessel was sailing under a Maltese flag. “At this point the Investigative

Decaying fleet could break apart, unleash disastrous spill
The Virginian-Pilot
For that reason, the government now is forced to subsidize ship-breaking, at about $2.5 million per vessel. Without such aid, few if any yards would bother

Oil spill ‘not being properly monitored’
ABC Online
“AMSA [Australian Maritime Safety Authority] are saying they took action within 15 minutes of being told of the accident but they didn’t actually,

Letter reveals night repairs on sunken ferry

To Tonga now where it’s still not known what caused the ferry accident which killed 74 people last month.

Now a secret letter written by the boss of Tonga’s Port Authority and sent to the country’s Prime Minister has been leaked to a newspaper.

In the letter the boss of the Port Authority reveals that repairs were made to the ferry under cover of night

Taiwan protests against Japan’s treatment of coast guard
eTaiwan News
fishing vessel, reports said. He was allowed to get up after 40 seconds, according to witnesses. A second Taiwanese agent was also forced to the ground

Grounding of Aboitiz ships to hurt industries, says rival
ATS is the country’s largest passenger-ship operator, cornering 60% of the domestic market. Mark Williams, director of KGL Investment, warned that the

Stability problem ruled out in Sea Gypsy sinking
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is ruling out a stability problem as the cause of the sinking of the fishing vessel Sea Gypsy.

Counter-Piracy Task Force Flagship Hosts Yemen Sea Service Officers
to conduct counter piracy operations under a mission-based mandate to actively deter, disrupt and suppress piracy in order to protect global maritime

INTERPOL maritime piracy working group aims to enhance
Interpol official site – International Criminal Police Organization – ICPO – Rapid access to official, controlled information.

Off The Radar

got in touch with the pilot, who said the vessel was not in distress, and a Coast Guard auxiliary plane flew over the ship and didn’t discover fire.

Bonhill craftsman lends model to help fatal accident probe
Lennox Herald
A massive inquiry was launched and accident investigators revealed the vessel capsized because a towing winch did not release fast enough.

Police use crane to cut protesters’ cables
Police using a crane and cage were raised four storeys on a ship to cut cables securing five Greenpeace protesters. Police, the Fire Service and private

Cartoon lifeboat making waves on global television
A CARTOON lifeboat is making a worldwide splash with his nautical adventures, inspired by the work of a real Ulster RNLI vessel.

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