Sep 122009

Photo: Maggie Smith

Some 60 people, including ships’ captains have been fired due to drink and drugs by contractor Subsea 7 in the past year, reports offshore industry magazine Upstream. The report quotes Mel Fitzgerald, Subsea 7 CEO at a recent Offshore Europe business breakfast, who urged the oil industry to work together to tackle the problem.

Upstream quotes Fitzgerald that the drugs issue needs to be addressed: “Alcohol is easier to pick up,” he said. “But the drug issue is more serious. Subsea 7 does random checks, we have it in our policy.

“To really stamp down on it there needs to be more togetherness from the industry.”

Fitzgerald said: “Every company takes a stand and we have taken a stand of zero tolerance. We have lost captains. It’s very unusual, but our testing is right across the board.”

However, he pointed out that the sackings were a small proportion of Subsea 7’s total global workforce of about 5000.

He said he felt the offshore side of Subsea 7’s business was almost totally alcohol-free, but that some problems occurred when workers returned to sea after shore leave.

Upstream report

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