Aug 022009

MAC was poring over the latest IMO AIS discrepancy reports – 85 vessels with a variety of AIS anomalies that shouldn’t be there, thinking to himself “I wish I had a picture of that” when a friend hove into view with this AIS shot:


Here’s a wider view of the AIS display:


And this is what we’re looking at:


It’s the ferry Riverdance, moored on her side on a Blackpool beach.

(Courtesy Maritime & Coast Guard Agency Image Library)

Apparently within moments of the grounding the “Status: Moored” panel had vanished, but caught in flagrante by my eagle-eyed AIS-watcher who spotted it at ShipAIS.

We have a few moor, er, more up our sleeves – and additions to the chamber of AIS horrors are welcome.

The fact is, far too often ships’ AISs are sending twaddle to other vessels because they haven’t been set up properly, as we’ll see in a future article. It might just be worth checking the one on your bridge because it’s an issue that’s gaining traction among those friendly Port State Control folks, and you know how that goes…

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