Aug 062009

Tonga sinking leaves 33 missing
BBC News
The first ship on the scene rescued 42 people from the sea, according to the New Zealand Press Association. Other ships and a New Zealand air force plane

Blast rocks offshore Texas gas platform, fire out
All 39 persons aboard the platform were evacuated safely by a nearby supply vessel, the Coast Guard said. “Crew members reported that the plant’s emergency .

Team finds two bodies from ship accident
Jakarta Post
“We found them not far from where the ship sank. Some parts of their bodies were missing and we could identify them only by the clothes they were wearing,”

Sailboat captain saves 4 after cargo ship rams speedboat on Hudson
New York Daily News
One of Rechelbacher’s pals, a female, remained aboard and was tossed around the boat during the collision, sustaining several cuts and contusions.

Portland firefighters put out fire on tugboat
Fires on board a boat are tough to put out since using water on a ship fire can sink the vessel. Firefighters used dry chemical and carbon dioxide to

Crew rescued from burning fishing boat
Port Townsend Leader
They knew it was only a matter of time before the flames reached the diesel below deck, so the men prepared to abandon ship into the 50-degree water.

Sinking Iranian ship salvaged
Arab Times
The Doha Port Authority and security officials carried out a six hour long rescue operation to save an Iranian ship from sinking. An officer at the Customs

Under The Radar

Lifeboat scrambled after black wig seen floating off Brighton beach
By Naomi Loomes » RNLI Brighton Lifeboat was launched after a man called 999 saying his friend had gone swimming after a party at Black Rock near Brighton

Tall ship grounded on Cape Cod rocks during training trip is freed
By Bureau News
January 19th, 2009 BAGHDAD – An Iraqi high-ranking official escaped unhurt in a bomb explosion Tuesday, an interior ministry source said. Ammar Aziz Muhammad Ali, undersecretary of Higher Education Ministry, escaped unhurt when a

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