Aug 232009

rig to keep spilling crude oil
The Australian
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said PTTEP would pay the clean-up costs. About 500m away, more than 60 members of the Australian Manufacturing

Manx registered vessel in sea collision
Isle of Man Today
INVESTIGATORS from the Isle of Man are on their way to Malaysia after a Manx registered vessel was involved in a major collision.

Burnt remains of all Taiwan tanker crew found: police
The accident happened off Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan state, south of Kuala Lumpur. "We only found bones as the fire was so hot that most of the bodies

No evidence of other migrants on board – AFM commander
Times of Malta
Responding to the migrants’ claims that 73 people on board the vessel had died, Brig. Vassallo said there was no evidence to suggest this or that the dinghy

‘We need better maritime regulations’
Trinidad & Tobago Express
stated that such accidents would continue as long as the maritime regulations remain unchanged. "Any vessel, with any engine, at anytime,


Yemen reviews efforts in combating piracy
Yemen News Agency
Somali pirates carried out 150 maritime piracy operations and attempted a further 69 last year in the international waters of the Gulf of Aden and the

Egyptian fishermen return after escaping pirates
Another of the fishermen told journalists how pirates had used diminishing drinking water to bathe and constantly threatened to set fire to the boats with

US commander says Somali piracy reduced but still a threat
The Gulf of Aden is safer for shipping than it was a year ago but piracy is likely to increase as the weather improves, a US naval commander said on Sunday. "The maritime environment is much more peaceful because of the international

Anadolu Ajans
Turkish Maritime Undersecretariat set up an information system against piracy in Gulf of Aden and off Somalia which are both frequently used by Turkish .

Maritime Security, Anti Piracy Vessel Protection, Gulf of Aden
By seamarshal
ISSG Holdings, Ltd. and Evolutionary Security Management, Inc. have developed an unparalleled anti-piracy vessel survey program for the maritime industry. This survey is conducted in two parts. First we send a trained security surveyor

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